Commercial Wind Turbines Scotland,

Commercial wind turbines solutions Scotland. Absolute offers a dynamic, turnkey solution for your wind turbine installation requirements whatever your wind-speed and site conditions. Our technicians manage your wind energy project from an initial site survey, where we will discuss your wind turbines and generator options based on the suitability of your site to produce wind electricity.

Absolute will arrange and manage your wind energy service and wind turbine maintenance schedule too, giving you peace of mind that your commercial wind turbines will continue to operate a peak performance generating you the maximum Wind-Electricity-Income.


Commercial wind turbines: We supply you with an accurate Cost and Returns Quotation with a full explanation of the financial benefits you will receive over the lifetime of the wind turbine from the FiTs program.

Absolute manage all your necessary Planning Applications and your Grid Connection Application whereupon receiving planning consent our wind turbine technicians develop your installation schedule from erection through to completion, full connection and tariff application.

We are regularly offered turbines to sell by manufacturers, however, we only select the few that we have absolute faith in to produce the power production figures claimed and to be robust enough to withstand weather conditions in Scotland. Therefore the vast majority of turbines we are offered we do not promote as we don’t believe they meet our standards required to be brought to our customer base.

Balance of Plant (BOP): Absolute will undertake the full BOP works required to complete your installation of Turbines that have been purchased directly from the manufacturer. This will include full site assessment, geo-tech, soil/ground analysis, electrical connections design and installation including substation/grid connection, cable runs and all outstanding civil’s work.

Site Hosting: Absolute have various investment partners actively looking for sites to Host Turbines. Absolute will manage the full project from initial site assessment; agree a land rental fee with you, planning application, grid connection, installation and service contract. This means that you will receive an indexed linked annual rental fee per turbine, with zero financial input required from you.

Here are some organisation we’ve assisted with our commercial wind turbine technologies, Scotland:

AG Barr

500kW installed in 2015 for one of Scotland’s best known soft drinks manufacturers.

Glenskinno Biofuels

100kW of wind complimenting existing biomass systems.

Scottish Natural Heritage

10KW  for SNH’s visitor centre on the Angus coast.

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