Meet Greg Lee

Meet Greg Lee, the newest addition to our team

My full name is:

Greg Lee.

My role at Absolute is:

Biomass Operations Assistant.

I love what I do because:

I love the idea of sustainability. Renewables are very much the way forward not just for the country for the world and I love the thought of being part of that.

I believe in renewables because:

Increased use and dependency on fossil fuels is something that needs to be addressed. We need to find a more sustainable solution as we move forward and I believe renewable energy is the solution.

My most challenging project was:

I haven’t been able to get my teeth into any project here as it’s my first day but I was involved in a project for my old company that was in talks to create the first ‘green’ burial site.

My claim to fame is:

Now that’s a tricky one (laughs), I’m not sure I have one. I play hockey for Stepps Hockey in the amateur league, does that count?

I love:

As I said I play hockey which I love. I love sports in general to be honest but mostly rugby, running and snowboarding.

My personality in 3 words:

Enthusiastic, determined, and friendly.

Meet Greg Lee

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