Meet Duncan Wren

Meet the newest member of our team

My full name is:

Duncan (Edward) Wren – named after a Manchester United football player who died in the Munich air disaster in 1958 – the Busby BabesDuncan2

My role at Absolute is:

Undertaking Business Development on behalf of the Solar PV and Biomass departments and the drafting and submitting tenders. This also involves undertaking site visits and client consultations.

I love what I do because:

I hold a lifetime’s passion for renewable energy. Ever since I had a solar powered fan as a young child. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I studied the subject at University and have had the good fortune to have worked in the early solar PV industry, wind farm development and various areas of building sustainability before coming here to Absolute.

I believe in renewables because:

There is now conclusive proof that our atmosphere is changing and that the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is increasing rapidly. Whether you believe this increase is entirely due to natural means or through our own man made emissions, I believe we should be doing all we can within our means to minimise these changes. Renewables play an important part in doing this.

My most challenging project was:

The new-build SEPA offices in Aberdeen. I was project manager, sustainability consultant and BREEAM assessor for this prestige flagship urban development which incorporated a biomass boiler for space heating and hot water, solar thermal modules, a solar PV array and a wind turbine, along with a unique natural ventilation system which I designed for the local harbour environment. It was difficult because I had to manage and coordinate a number of building design related services located all around the UK; including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester and London. The building achieved the award of ‘BREEAM Excellent’ in addition to being awarded the ‘Green Apple Award’ on account of its green credentials and low carbon performance.

My claim to fame is:

I’m still waiting; I’m sure it will happen any day now.

I love:

Firstly, I’m obliged to say my wife, Lidia and my daughter, Sophie. Secondly I’d have to say music; jazz, funk, soul and disco (yes, I’m a 70s child). Lastly, I’d have to include whisky; on its own without ice.

My personality in 3 words:

Reliable, Creative, Optimistic.

Meet Duncan Wren

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