Benefits of Wind Power

Our thoughts on the benefits of wind energy

As the UK experiences a continual rise in the cost of purchasing electricity, the benefits of renewable energy and potential of wind power never seemed more appealing.

With an uncertain horizon in terms of who will be supplying the UK’s future electricity and cost implications undoubtedly coming hand-in-hand with the changes in supply over the next few years, renewable energy use has steadily grown over the years and in 2013 it accounted for 15% of total UK electricity generation, nearly 60% of this originating from wind and solar power.*

For farmers, land owners and industrial sites with large on site electricity usage, the price for this is large and increasing – supplementing the supply from the grid by using a wind turbine to self-generate electricity will go a long way to significant reducing costs, with the added benefit of creating a new and lucrative income stream for businesses.

Installing wind power is not as difficult as many people may think, Absolute manages the whole process for clients. Starting from a site survey to gauge a suitable location and placement for the wind turbine, Absolute produces a cost versus returns assessment of the site – taking into account the businesses income stream for generation, alongside savings from your current bill.

The property will use the wind turbine as the first port of call for power – if the turbine is spinning you are able to use the electricity produced by the turbine for free, which reduces the cost of the electricity bill from the grid – in turn this can result in savings up to 70% off the electricity bill. 

Both the short-term and long-term benefits of installing a wind turbine can be significant, with the life of a wind-turbine spanning 20+ years added with the annual increase in electricity costs, businesses can save by installing turbines on their sites.

Here at Absolute, the process to lower the amount spent on electricity and install a turbine is made easy. The grid connection application and the planning application process is managed on behalf of the business. After the two processes are completed successfully, Absolute creates a schedule producing the time scale of the project before commencing with the installation and manages the project all the way through from commissioning the turbine to the registration for the tariffs. Absolute ensures that the installation is smooth, scheduling in all maintenance contracts for the life time of the turbine. 

After installation, the wind turbine(s) will start creating energy to be used on site and has been successfully installed for farms, land owners and industrial businesses to drive down electricity costs and managed by Absolute.

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