Scotland’s First Solar Farm

Installing Scotlands first Solar Farm, with Mackie Scotland.


Mackie’s Scotland

The Mackie family have been farming at Westertown farm since 1912 and Mackie’s of Scotland is now a well-known Scottish food brand. Mackie’s were formerly a milk retail company and in 1986 began making ice cream. They have an ambition to be the greenest company in the UK.

In 2014/2015, Absolute successfully won a tender against SSE to install Scotland’s first solar farm. It was a challenging installation as it was one of the first sites in Scotland to share a grid connection with a wind turbine.



Solar Farm In Action

The project was delivered on time and on budget. The system has been generating for just under two years now. It is important to show the capabilities of designing solar projects for DCWW’s needs. But it is also important to demonstrate that the designs you have undertaken, and the estimated production figures are hitting the targets or exceeding. Our 3D PVSol for design had the estimated generation at Mackies at 1,462,500 kWh per year. As you can see from the below charts, the system which we designed and installed has exceeded this.


2016 Actual generation = 1,485,490 kWh        

2017 Actual generation to date = 1,545,860 kWh


Looking for more information on Solar Farms?

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