Parkley Farm Holiday Cottages

Installation Date: December 2014
Location: Linlithgow
System: 50kW

Parkley Farm Holiday Cottages wanted a solution to their ever increasing electricity bill. With the farmhouse and five cottages running off electricity for heating and hot water as well as general electrical use, they needed a solution. Unfortunately there was not a lot of roof space and the owners didn’t want panels on the cottage roofs.

Absolute came up with the idea for a 50kW (200 panel) system in a field beside running electricity back to the supply meter. This site was also a first for Absolute as the dig depth was only 500mm we couldn’t use our normal method and used concrete plinths.

  • 200 x ReneSola Virtus II 250W panels
  • 1 x Samil 30,000TL inverter
  • 1 x Samil 15,000TL inverter
  • Schletter Solar PV Max Mounting Frame

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