Installation Date: February 2014
Location: St Cyrus, Angus
System Size: 10kW Bergey

Absolute won a tender to install a 10KW Turbine for SNH’s own visitor centre on the Angus coast.

A Bergey 10kw turbine was selected specifically for its robust design, track record and its ability to cope with the hostile location on the scenic North sea coast just North of Montrose.

Absolute worked with SNH directly and their partners to ensure the install carried out in Dec 2013 caused minimum disruption both to the visitor centre, its guests and the immediate habitat, the reason for the centre being located here in the first place.

The Bergey 10kW with its 30 year track record and simplistic design ensured that the powerful North easterly winds would be harvested and cause the turbine no issues with performance or reliability and made it the natural choice for such a location.

Wind Case Study: Scottish Natural Heritage

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