Solar PV Case Study:
Mackies Ice Cream



Installation Date: August 2015
Location: Aberdeenshire
System: 1.8MW

In partnership with pioneering family business Mackies of Scotland, we created the country’s largest solar farm.

Consisting of 7,000 solar PV panels generating 1.5million kWh of energy and producing a saving of 850,000 kgs of Co2 emissions each year, the installation is the largest in Scotland to go live.

The site is expected to generate enough energy to produce more than 4 million litres of ice cream a year.

The installation of the 1.8MW Solar Farm at the fourth-generation family run businesses in Aberdeenshire site is not the first time we've worked together. Earlier in 2015, Absolute installed a T4 40kW Chip Biomass boiler and 2 x 199kW Biomass boilers in their Aberdeenshire based production factory.

Solar PV Product Drirector, Andrew McGown, said: “We understand this project to be the largest solar farm installed and connected to the grid in Scotland, and it is a project we are incredibly excited to have been involved in. Solar makes great sense, enough sunlight falls on the earth’s surface every hour to meet world energy demand for an entire year. It’s great to see forward thinking companies like Mackies embracing this.”

“As with any new installation, we work directly with the client to understand their needs, their business location and their future ambitions. From this, we are able to make recommendations with regards to the best renewable solution available to them.
“After growing significantly over the years, this latest project for Absolute is testament to the core values the company is built on and our desire to be market leaders in the field of renewable energy. Similarly, Mackies has over 100 year’s history and it’s fantastic to be on their journey to become a more energy efficient and green business.”

Mackies solar farm



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