Hollandbush Golf Club

Installation Date: November 2014
Location: Lesmahagow
System Size: 56kW Okofen Pellet Boiler

On 18th November 1954, George Clark Snr, John Hamilton and John Middlemiss convened a public meeting which was attended by 16 people interested in constructing a course. A committee was formed and the first official Hollandbush Golf Club was born.

Mags Cathcart – Club House Manager, said of the installation: 

“We simply had to do something about the huge oil spend at the club which had no sign of coming down. We started to do a bit of homework about Biomass and that’s basically how the journey began. The golf club couldn’t be happier with the choice we made. Not only in choosing Biomass but choosing Absolute as the company to manage the project.

“It was a great service from start to finish. The guys in the office were great from the get to go including Alastair and Nigel who were happy to talk us through the process and answer all the questions the club and committee had. Even the installers were nothing but polite and helpful and worked tirelessly to get the installation done.

“We are recommending Absolute to anyone that will take the time to listen. We have shown a number of our members the plant room and they have all commented on the workmanship that was involved. As I said we simply couldn’t be happier with Absolute. We would even be willing to allow the club to be used for an open day in the future. Even if anybody nearby would like to pop in and see the installation we would be happy to show them around. We will definitely be singing the praises of Absolute.”

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