Glenskinno Farm

Installation Date: June 2014
Location: Angus

Specialising in commercial biomass, wind and solar photo- voltaic products, Absolute partnered with the Gall family of Glenskinno Farm and enabled the Gall family to diversify through installing tailored renewable energy solutions. This project provided a platform for the innovative landowners to grow their business and become more sustainable by reducing costs and generating significant new income.

The Gall family can now produce their own wood fuel. In partnership with Absolute, Glenskinno Biofuels are able to offer wood fuel contracts across Scotland.

Seizing the Opportunity
Glenskinno Farm had already identified the need for the family estate to diversify in order to remain a viable and expanding enterprise. Looking at their available resource and land, they decided to establish a biofuels business on the strength of the RHI to mitigate some of the risks, as well as to meet local demand for wood chips.

To achieve this diversification, a wood chip drying solution was required to dry the wood chips (50-60% moisture content) to an optimum of circa 23%.

Evaluating the Options
Through research, the Gall family found that there were already several wood chip drying facilities in Scotland, a number of which were using biomass heating.

The Absolute Difference
“We looked at a wide number of options and the Fröling Boiler system, as devised by Absolute for us, was not only the most practical but also the most cost effective compared to other solutions on the market.”

What is next for Glenskinno?
The next phase of activity will see an additional 150kw biomass district heating system, a 100kw wind turbine and a 50kw solar photovoltaic system installed later in 2014.

When you work with Absolute:

  • your renewable heating solutions are installed by a company which has already invested in the renewable energy sector
  • you can take advantage of our design and installation expertise
  • use us to support your sales team and secure ongoing wood fuel contacts
  • if you are a high energy user we can install the same solution on at your premises, helping you to produce your own fuel, or alternatively
  • we can be your wood fuel provider as we offer
  • highly competitive pricing
  • an option to pay by the kWh to ensure you get value for money and high quality fuelx
Biomass Case Study: Glenskinno Farm
Biomass Case Study: Glenskinno Farm

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