60kW Wind Turbine for Glengorm Recycling Centre

The Isle of Mull is serviced by the Glengorm Recycling centre North of the village of Tobermory. The facility allows residents to recycle various items such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, green garden waste and more.

Argyll & Bute Council tendered for the installation of a wind turbine and Absolute were chosen as offering the best technical solution alongside an attractive price. The technical solution was to install a turbine limited to 60kW (due to grid restrictions) but that had the capability of delivering more power when the grid issues are resolved in the future.

The Glengorm Recycling Centre, north of Tobermory on the isle of Mull, is exposed to the elements and prime for the siting of a wind turbine. Argyll and Bute Council recognised this and released a tender for a specific wind turbine to be sited on the Council property.

Absolute examined the tender and realised that a better solution was possible which would deliver more power and less capital expenditure and through due process, Argyll and Bute Council recognised this work and presentation put forward by Absolute and awarded the contract to build early 2017.

The site now enjoys a turbine that provides most of the power to the site and routinely exports to the grid which is fed to the wider residents.



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