AG Barr

An Example of where our wind energy solution improved business performance.

From their production facility in Cumbernauld, AG Barr Plc produces Scotland’s favourite drinks. This includes Irn Bru, Strathmore Water and Rockstar. Wishing to upgrade the site and expand, AG Barr had a choice. Either face a large upgrade fee from Scottish Power of £1,000,000+ or think outside the box and find other ways of delivering power.
The natural fit for them was to look at wind energy technology, in the form of wind turbines. Which would not only deliver this power but also deliver a benefit to the local residents.

Using Wind Energy

Absolute delivered a private wire power purchase agreement for AG Bar Plc on behalf of a private funder. The funder and AG Barr were happy.
The turbine installed was an EWT DW54-500 500kW turbine mounted on a 40m tower at the Cumbernauld bottling facility. The plant was aligned with a pre-planned shutdown or at a time when production was least affected. This reduced downtime and saved AG Barr money. We had to liaise with many parties and there were many arrangements in place. This included road closures, grid connections and turbine installation. This was alongside EWT & the crane operators.
The installed turbine benefits AG Barr by reducing the cost of energy. This helped preserve jobs and spread benefits to the wider community. Furthermore, this established a community benefit scheme.
We produce 30 million cases of drinks per annum from our Cumbernauld facility. Positioned on the edge of an industrial estate and with the open aspect is ideal for a wind turbine. The turbine produces 8-10% of our energy needs. We chose Absolute as they came recommended to us and had experience in this field and in complex connections.
Andrew Memmott, Supply Chain Director, AG Barr Plc
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