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Across Europe, biomass heating technology has been adopted for many years as a green and sustainable source of heating. In more recent years, the popularity of biomass heating systems has grown significantly in the UK, as the technology has become more widely available.

An increasing number of residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings are now installing internal and external wood fuel biomass boilers. At Absolute, we embrace a comprehensive range of wood fuel boilers, including fully automated pellet and wood chip systems, log boilers, gasification and combination systems. This ensures we can design and install the perfect solution for you. Check out the areas we work in:



How Does Biomass Work?

Biomass systems works by replacing your existing fossil fuel boiler or boilers with one that runs on wood fuel. As an alternative heat source, it can continue to connect in to your current heating system and is controlled either by your existing control system or a new Froling touch screen control panel with full weather compensation and full integration with smart devices.

Choosing a Biomass System for your Business

Absolute offer a free of charge assessment service to establish your needs. We will undertake a comprehensive heat load calculation to ascertain the amount of energy you need to put into your property to counteract the losses through the fabric of the building. With full consideration of your personal preferences, this calculation will define the size and fuel type of your biomass boiler.

We will then look at all of your existing controls, which can either be integrated with your existing system or be replaced with a new cutting edge control system, depending on your requirements.

Biomass Design, Biomass Installation & Costs

Once we have determined the most suitable biomass heating system for you, we will work with you to establish a schedule that suits you. Our fully managed biomass boiler installation service will ensure we work with you to deliver the right solution.

The Technology we Install

Austria and Scandinavia continue to lead the way in the use of modern and efficient wood fuel biomass boilers. Our biomass heating systems are designed and manufactured by Froling. They offer state of the art technology and have been doing for the past five decades. Their highly efficient and reliable all round solutions have earned Froling the prestigious reputation as one of Europe’s leading suppliers. The award winning Austrian manufacturer Froling offer superior build quality and efficiency. We work closely with biomass boiler manufacturers to design and install the best possible biomass heating systems for you, giving you every security and peace of mind that you need from your renewable energy technology.

Offsetting your Solar Electricity System

Solar Photovoltaic cells convert the sun’s light into usable green energy. Installing a Solar Panel System from Absolute for your company or business is a great idea and can provide a terrific return on investment, that’s why Solar is becoming one of Scotland’s most popular forms of renewable energy. See the ways we can help below.


Wood Chip Boilers

What are Wood Chip Boilers?
Wood chip boiler systems can be installed in both commercial and domestic properties, but are particularly efficient in a commercial setting. The boiler is installed adjacent to a chip store where an agitator will move the chip through to the boiler via an auger. Wood chip is normally less expensive to buy but extra components are required within the boiler to provide an automated fuel feed system.

What is Wood Chip Fuel
Wood chip is timber that has been shredded in a chipper. It is an easy fuel for automation, with a conveyor belt or auger taking the chips straight from the store into the boiler. Like logs, the chipped material needs to be dried to achieve low moisture content, ideally 23-30%.

Chip systems are inexpensive to run, however initial capital outlay is greater than other technologies. This is because it has some additional parts that make the boiler fully automated. This means it will start on demand according to your pre-determined time settings in much the same way as a conventional gas boiler would.

The Renewable Heat Incentive can make this a very attractive technology for larger premises and those with their own fuel supply.

Woodchip boiler cutaway

Pellet Boilers

What are Pellet Boilers?
Pellet boilers are generally more compact than log boilers. Pellet boilers deliver more energy than log and chip boilers and are fully automated. Pellets are sucked into the boiler through a vacuum tube which can pull pellets from 20 metres away, giving great flexibility in the storage of fuel… As the ash is removed automatically they are a clean, reliable and convenient way to heat your home, properties or business.

Using Pellet as a Fuel
Pellets are generally manufactured from by-products from sawmills and other wood processing industries. They are not waste or contaminated wood, just what is left over from a number of processes.

The raw materials include ground wood chips, sawdust and bark. No chemical additives are needed as the natural lignin of the wood serves as a binder, although sometimes small quantities of maize starch are added as well. Pellets have a moisture content of 6 to 10% and need less storage than logs or chips as they have a higher calorific value for the same volume.

Pellet systems are generally fully-automated, with the pellets sucked by vacuum straight into the boiler from the store.

Agricultural solar use

Log Fuel Boilers

What are Log Fuel Boilers?
Log boilers or wood gasification boilers are manually fed heating systems that can use many different types of timber. Typically they are filled once a day and can provide heating and hot water for multiple buildings. The fuel is burned in a chamber and the gasses that are produced are drawn off and burnt again at 1,200 degrees to generate additional heat. The heat is then transferred through your heating system; a far more efficient way of using wood than a traditional log burners.

Using Logs as a Fuel
Logs are widely available or can be sourced by us. The moisture content of the timber should be below 25% (air dried); otherwise your boiler will produce steam and reduce the efficiency of your system.A fully-loaded burn chamber, when the system is in low demand, can burn for as long as 15 hours and in effect ‘tick over’ feeding the buffer tank so everything is fully charged and ready when you need it.

Although the loading of logs into the boiler is a manual process, the system is controlled automatically by motorised valves called primary and secondary air actuators. They close off to reduce air intake to the fire so decreasing the ferocity of the burn and making the fuel last longer.

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