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Solar panels can save money on electricity consumption, make your business less reliant on fossil fuels, and improve the sustainability credentials of your company. We work with Fronius Inverters, Schletter mounting systems, and Trinasolar Panels to build reliable, highly efficient solar systems.



Sustainable and affordable, biomass and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems can be used by high-demand energy users to heat and power premises. We install only market leading technologies from Heizomat, ESPE, Fröling and ETA.



An affordable and efficient way to augment the electricity supply of everything from primary schools to factories, wind turbines are a popular method of increasing energy efficiency. We can manage your wind energy project from an initial site survey through to installation and ongoing maintenance, using the best manufacturers in the business: Tozzi Nord, EWT, Gaia-Wind and Leitwind


Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency can help significantly reduce energy costs and simultaneously increase your sustainable credentials - and we can help with everything from initial feasibility studies through to ongoing service. We have helped increase efficiency and reduce energy waste for everyone, from small hotels through to big brands like Scottish Water and Mackies of Scotland.


Service & Maintenance

Prolong the life of your investment with our service maintenance packages for biomass/CHP, wind, and solar systems.


Emergency 24/7

We can help you when things go wrong unexpectedly with your renewables technology, and you don't need to be an existing Absolute customer.

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